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Inground Sprinklers & Lighting Systems

Custom designed and programmable inground sprinkler and lighting systems where you know the grass is always greener. so that you can take care of everything else on the inside.

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Don't Wait for a Rainy Day!

The last thing you need is another “to-do” on your list.  Let your new automated sprinkler system water your grass so you don’t have to.

Smart Rain-Sensing technology

Unlike the competition, all of our systems come standard with rain sensors. This allows the system to adjust the watering schedule to save you money and not over-water the lawn. Let your system worry about the weather so you don’t have to.

Customized to your busy life

Are you entertaining? Or maybe you’re just cutting the lawn. Whatever the event, changing or delaying your system’s schedule is simple with our one-touch technology that puts the control back on your hands.

Certified Irrigation Technician

Our certified irrigation technicians have been trained in the installation and service of all the major irrigation brands. Design and installation of your new system will be professional and warrantied.

Here’s how it works


Book your free consultation where we review your irrigation needs and develop a customized plan for your lawn


We handle the design, layout, and installation of your new system. All installs are professional and tidy, It’ll be like we weren’t even there.

Setup & Training

Before we go, we’ll make sure you’re well acquainted with your new smart tech monitoring system. Everything from setting up your mobile app to learning how to program your new unit. We can even monitor your system if you choose.

Words from a few happy customers:

About Us

Are you getting tired of constantly moving the sprinkler and hose around the lawn? Nobody likes watering the lawn but we all love that fresh and green manicured look that only comes with time and dedication. What if you don’t have that time? That’s where we step in! We’re Ryan and Kyle Jeffery, owners of Rainology, and as homeowners ourselves, we get it. We were tired of looking over the fence at our neighbour’s green lawn and thinking to ourselves, “I should really water the lawn tonight.” With our inground sprinklers, you never have to worry (or think) about watering the lawn ever again. Give us a call today to see how we can bring some rain into your life!

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